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Preliminary model for the set of Urinetown, the Musical

Set Design by Otto Layman and Jonathan Mitchell

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The Musical 

Wait--what?  Is that a real title? Three time Tony Award winning musical--really?

YES. Oh, YES--don't miss it.  How can we put this any better?  You just gotta go.





Directed by Otto Layman


April 27th through May 6th, 2018




February 22, 2018--Production for Urinetown, The Musical is in full swing.  Artistic Director Otto Layman and his group of talented artists (Musical Director Jon Nathan, Vocal Director Sio Tepper, Choreographer Gianna Burright and Costume Designer Bonnie Thor)have begun rehearsals with the powerhouse actors/singers of SBHS.  Urinetown features Sophomore Josie Gillingham as Hope, and freshman Daniel Sabraw as Bobby, star-crossed lovers torn between the rebel poor and the ultra-powerful UGC, headed by Hope's father, Caldwell V. Cladwell (sophomore Carter Beaudette). Joining them are junior Elvis Pagano (Lockstock), seniors Lily Linz and Cole Hansen (Little Sally and Barrel, respectively); juniors Bella Holland (Penny Pennywise), Penny O'Mahoney (Mrs. Millenium), Gianna Gonzalez (McQueen), Drewes McFarling (Hot Blades Harry); sophomores Logan Fleming (Becky Two Shoes), Ben Kreitzer (Senator Fipp), and Jackson Olbrish (Tiny Tom); seniors Leah and Anna Martin (Dr. Billeaux and Mrs. Strong, respectively), Grace Gibbs (Soupy Sue), and Jake Walker (Mr. Strong); and a dynamic ensemble of big voices and characters in Tyler Dahneke, Vivian Shay, Chloe Buckley, Brandon Holland, Isaiah Meyers, Sharp Queener, Buck Lewis, Adrianna Vasquez and Angela Zevallos.  The glass, metal and brick of the set of Urinetown is designed by Otto Layman and Jonathan Mitchell, and it, too is well underway, replete with hidden sewer pathways, gleaming office buildings, and a not so secret hideout.

 SECRET HIDEOUT, set of urinetown the musical.  designed by otto layman and jonathan mtichell

SECRET HIDEOUT, set of urinetown the musical.  designed by otto layman and jonathan mtichell



NOVEMBER 27, 2017--A massive drought has staunched the city's water supply to a trickle, and the government has privatized the public restrooms.  Those who violate the law are banished (allegedly!) to a mysterious place called Urinetown. But Bobby Strong and a motley band of unlikely revolutionaries sound an urgent call to take down the corrupt empire of Caldwell V. Cladwell and his goons who ensure that nobody pees for free.  A shameless musical that spoofs shameless musicals, it's the unfortunately titled show that became an utterly improbable Broadway hit and winner of three Tony Awards, including Best Original Score and Best Book of a Musical. 

Past Santa Barbara High School Productions